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One of the reasons why we eventually started to develop our own full spectrum range in the form of Viva-Lite® lamps was to be able to control the quality and manufacturing processes more directly. Here you can find out why.

A highly specialized product like Viva-Lite® requires the best possible parts from anywhere in the world. No wonder we have to source high quality materials and services from countries such as Germany, Japan, Korea, China, the US and New Zealand to finally make them into Viva-Lite® - the high quality product that you can expect from us.


But the whole is more than the sum of its parts and we also have a strong commitment towards environmental and social responsibility as you can see as follows.

A Quest for Excellency starts with a Committment to Quality

We take great care to not only control the production process of Viva-Lite® but to also closely monitor the sourcing and distribution of the related goods:

  1. We use our own QC (quality control) staff for manufacturing supervision and check the product quality during the production phase itself. After all: Once the product has been made and in case someting went wrong, it's normally too late to fix it!
  2. The lifetime of a product is not only effected by whom, how or where it is made, but also on how it was transported and stored until it reached its final destination = the customer.
  3. We want to ensure that companies selling Viva-Lite® with and for us are giving acurate and reliable information about our products and full spectrum light and don't make promises or claims we couldn't keep up with.

These are reasons, why we use specialized packaging, trusted logistic & service centres (for forwarding and warehousing) and highly knowledagble, educated and certified resellers.


Even though one of our aims is to produce an affordable range of full spectrum lighting products, this will never come at the expense of buying cheap quality components at dumping prices, thus diluting the otherwise positive effects that fullspectrum lights have."

Environment & Sustainability

Especially in today's world but naturally as part of our corporate reponsibility as world citizens, we want to be a leader in

  • Reducing substances such as mercury (presently required for manufacturing energy saving lamps) to an absolute minimum and eventually develop a completely new mercury-free energy saving compact fluorescent full spectrum light bulb
  • Designing products with a low EMF radiation and high shielding effect
  • Developing discharge and compact fluorescent lamp technologies as efficient and energy saving as possible
  • Reducing packing and waste by using environmentally friendly materials and by supporting and promoting safe recycling methods by being connected to national and international organisation solutions for substance flow management
  • Avoiding unnecessary CO2 output by intelligent IT based order combination, forecasting, optimizing storage, forwarding and warehousing facilities

We are further keen to raise awareness in the field of energy saving and pollution prevention technologies and support initiatives that protect and develop the greenery.

Social Principles and Values

Some of our products are Made in the EU and others in Asia, thus it becomes quite clear that the cultural differences existing in such markets, their related business environments and job policies can make it difficult to create common virtues.


We therefore make it a point to strictly follow social principles in the work place and work only with companies that support our ideals.


Have a look at the following pictures from our productions:

Giving Back

Companies that started with a vision and have become successful by following that vision eventually dream of giving something back. In our case what we like to support is

  • Research in the field of light & health
  • Charities that have environmental or health aspects
  • Institutes having a strong social or educational context, such as schools, kindergartens, universities, hospitals or elderly homes

Click here to see the projects we've been supporting so far...

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We hope you enjoy your visit on the Viva-Lite® homepage and appreciate your comments & feedback.

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